Supervising / teaching/ coaching groups and individuals at all levels (PhD – Professor)

What do I bring with me?

– knowledge of and experience in the academic world and its various internal power structures en processes

– experience as a psychologist in coaching and supervising people with regard to complex situations at work

– 20 years of experience in coaching academics towards a higher level of professionalism- at all levels (from PhD tot professor) both at an individual level and in groups, at universities as well as inside medical knowledge centers.


My background

– Graduated in Psychology in 1984

– Worked as a civil servant for the Ministries of Education /and of Social Affairs in The Hague. Learned how bureaucracy/ politics/ management work.

– Working as a supervisor/ teacher/ coach with academics at universities/ centers of science/ academic hospitals, who deal with complex (working) situations. Supervising groups of academics at all levels (PhD – Professor) including groups of academics who got a specific grant (ERC, Vici, vidi, veni etc).

– Supervising individual academics – varying from PhD to Professor – at my home office (Watergraafsmeer), Most of my clients work in Amsterdam (UvA, AMC, Sanquin, NKI, VU). Sometimes they work at other places (Rotterdam, Utrecht, Nijmegen). Last years more and more of my clients moved in from abroad because they got a job at UvA.

In my work I emphasize the relationship between the expectations and demands academics engage from their working environment and one’s own personality. It’s important that participants are willing and able to reflect on their selves. You can learn a lot of tricks and tools, that are helpful to manage life and work, but often that’s not enough. What fits you? What are your strong and more vulnerable personal characteristics? What are your pitfalls? How to deal with them in a way that is successful for your work and for the way you feel about is?

Topics i.e.

  • managing and dealing with leadership in an academic environment
  • dealing with and managing your position as a professor/ workgroup leader/ postdoc/ PhD
  • supervising your colleagues (aio’s/ postdocs/ UD’s etc.) in a constructive way
  • dealing with ever expanding tasks/ setting priorities
  • negotiating/ dealing with colleagues in a successful way
  • dealing with Dutch and Dutch academic culture
  • dealing with conflicts / power relation ships
  • dealing with gender issues
  • balancing between work and private life (priorities)
  • how to balance between clinical and research tasks
  • how to set your limits (saying ‘no’)
  • how to become less overwhelmed by work/ demands of colleagues/ deadlines
  • etc.